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  • Tuesday: 11:00 - 14:00
  • Wednesday: 12:00 - 14:00
Short CV

Dr. Eleni A. Didaskalou is an Associate Professor at the University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration. Her research interests include Technology Systems, Energy Management, Environmental Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, Sustainable Tourism Development. She has published her research in journals such as Sustainability, Energies, Urban Science, Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research. She is a reviewer (ad hoc) in scientific international Journals.

  1. Technology Systems (2nd semester)
  2. Environmental Management (3rd semester)
  3. Energy Management (Elective)

International peer reviewed journals

  1. Fousteris, A., Didaskalou, E., Tsogas, M-M and  Georgakellos, D. (2018) Sustainability, 10(12) 4399; https://doi.org/10.3390/su10124399
  2. Vougioukli, A.-Z., Didaskalou, E., Georgakellos D. (2017) Financial appraisal of small hydro-power considering the cradle-to-grave environmental cost: A case from Greece, Energies, 10, 430, Special Issue “Contemporary Environmental Paradigms and the Renewable Energy in Rural Economies”
  3. Charalampopoulos, I., Nastos, P., Didaskalou, E. (2017) Human thermal conditions related to North Europeans' web searching behavior (Google Trends) on Mediterranean touristic destinations, Urban Sci. 2017, 1, 8
  4. Georgakellos, D., Didaskalou E. (2014) Air pollutants externalities associated with the life cycle of renewable energy sources power plants: A comparative appraisal, International Journal of Energy and Environment, Vol 8, pp 154-161
  5. Didaskalou, E.A., Lagos D., Nastos, P.Th. (2009) “Wellness tourism: evaluating destination attributes for tourism planning in a competitive segment market”, Tourismos: An International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism, Vol 4, No 4, pp 113-126
  6. Didaskalou, E. & Nastos, P. (2003) The Role of Climatic and Bioclimatic Conditions, in the Development of Health Tourism Product, Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol 14, No 2, pp 107-126

International Scientific Conferences (peer reviewed)

  1. Didaskalou, E., Manesiotis, P.  and Georgakellos, D. (2018) “Mapping the concept of Industry 4.0 production system“ 86th International Atlantic Economic Conference, New York, October 2018
  2. Bouchoris P., Agapitou C. and Didaskalou E. (2017) ‘Running events in Greece: key factors for strategic development of sports tourism in Greece’, Proceedings of the IMIC 2017 International 6 Conference, Tourism: Trends, Prospects and Implications for Enterprises and Destinations, Santorini, Greece, October 2017,
  3. Bouchoris, P.,  Didaskalou E. and Georgakellos G. (2018) “Ecolabelling as a tool in environmentally friendly products positioning”, 2nd International Conference on Applied Sciences and Economy, Tirana, Albania, April, 2018
  4. Didaskalou, E., Georgakellos D., 2017, Feasibility assessment of photovoltaic system International Conference “Current Developments and New Perspectives in Applied Sciences and Economy”, Tirana, Albania, March 17
  5. Georgakellos, D., Didaskalou E. (2014) Life cycle external cost of green electricity: The case of Greek power plants The 2014 International Conference on Environmental Science and Geoscience, Venice, Italy, March 15-17
  6. Didaskalou, E. (2014) Wellness Tourism Development in Region of Attica: The Main Characteristics of the Wellness-Services Offered by Hotels, Hellenic Open Business Administration International Conference, 8-9 March
  7. Didaskalou, E., Georgakellos, D. (2013) Green Practices in Hotel Industry. A case study of adopting Energy Savings Measures, 5th International Scientific Conference “Tourism Trends and Advances in the 21st Century”, Rhodes, Greece, May 30-June 2
  8. Didaskalou E., Georgakellos D. (2011) Developing a decision making framework for energy planning in industry”, 71st International Atlantic Economic Conference, Athens, Greece, 16-19 March
  9. Georgakellos, D., Tsogas, M., Didaskalou, E. (2010) Economic perspectives of demand and supply of green electricity”, 2nd European Asian Economics, Finance, Econometrics and Accounting Conference, Beijing, China, 7-11 September
  10. Lagos D., Diakomihalis, M, Didascalou, E. (2009) Business Clusters in Wellness Tourism: the case of Greece, 5th National & International HSSS Conference "From Systemic Thinking to Systems Design and Systems Practice", Xanthi, Greece, 24-27 June
  11. Didaskalou, Ε. (2003) Priority Targets For Achieving Sustainability Principles In Alternative And Special Forms Of Tourism, 2nd International Scientific Conference: Sustainable Tourism Development and the Environment, Chios, Greece, 2-5 October
  12. Didaskalou, E. (2000) «Health Tourism: A New Approach of Tourism Development on Insular Areas», International Scientific Conference, Tourism on Islands and Specific Destinations, Chios, Greece, 14-16 December
Office Hours

The office hours for the spring semester 2023-2024 are:

  • Tuesday: 11:00 - 14:00
  • Wednesday: 12:00 - 14:00
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