“The Department of Business Administration of the University of Piraeus recognizes quality as the principle means of achieving high standards in education and research. The Department’s quality culture is shown by the commitment of its academic, research and administrative staff, as well as its students, to this goal. The members of the Department work and collaborate in accordance with the values and objectives of the Department, embrace its vision and mission, adopt common policies and practices, and participate in continuous improvement processes.”

Department of Business Administration Declaration of Quality

The Department of Business Administration is committed to ensuring quality in all its academic, educational, and research activities, offering up-to-date and competitive programmes of study, focusing on innovation, and using applied research to its advantage. Moreover, the Department is aware of the importance of quality as a means of promoting equal access to knowledge, an outward-looking approach, international recognition, and collaboration with industry.

Department of Business Administration Quality Policy

The Department has implemented a Quality Policy which supports its academic identity, is aligned with the orientation of its programmes of study, promotes its mission, and supports the fulfilment of its strategic objectives. Within this framework it applies quality processes to ensure the continuous improvement of the courses offered, research activities, and administrative services, with the aim of raising its academic and general standards.

The aim of the Quality Policy is to fulfil the Department’s mission and strategy. The processes that ensure excellence in education and high-level research are central to this policy.

The Department of Business Administration is fully committed to ensuring that its objectives are fulfilled. All members of the Department adhere to the enduring values that the Department has adopted and promotes and make an essential contribution to the effective achievement of its objectives. The quality culture that has developed within this framework is shown by the commitment and collaboration of its academic, research, and administrative staff, as well as its students, to this goal.

The Department’s Quality Policy:

  1. is based on international quality standards;
  2. is aligned with the University’s Quality Policy and reflects the strategic goals of the Department on the academic, research, and administrative level;
  3. is accepted and supported by all members of the academic community;
  4. is specified and monitored through the setting of specific goals.

The aim of the Department’s Quality Policy is to ensure the high standard and continuous improvement of its education and research, in accordance with international best practice.

In order to implement and apply this policy, the Department of Business Administration is committed to processes which will ensure:

  • courses with appropriate structure and organization;
  • learning outcomes and qualifications which are in accordance with the European and National Qualifications Framework for higher education;
  • continuous improvement of the education process and teaching effectiveness;
  • teaching staff with appropriate qualifications;
  • the encouragement of quality and quantity in the research of academic staff;
  • a link between teaching and research;
  • a demand in the job market for the qualifications earned by its graduates;
  • the quality of support services, for example, administrative and academic services (libraries, laboratories and so on) and student welfare services.

The members of the Department’s Internal Evaluation Committee, in conjunction with the University Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP), ensure that the Department’s Quality Policy is implemented through an annual review and internal audit.

The members of the Internal Evaluation Committee help to:

  1. monitor the implementation of quality objectives;
  2. align the Quality Policy with the wider strategic objectives of both the Department and the University, where necessary;
  3. make decisions in order to continuously improve the quality of the Department’s teaching, research, and administration;
  4. take corrective action in case of divergence from these objectives;
  5. conduct the internal evaluation;
  6. collaborate effectively with the Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Piraeus.

Through the aforementioned process the Department aims to respond on a continuous basis both to the international challenge of excellence in education and to the expectations of its students, alumni, and teaching, research, and administrative staff.

The Quality Policy is published on the Department’s website and electronic and printed versions are distributed to all parties (teaching and research staff, students of all programmes, administrative and technical staff, external partners, recipients of scholarships, and professional, research, academic and social institutions which are allied with the University). By communicating the Quality Policy in this way, the Department aims to secure the support and the active involvement of all its members in the prescribed processes.