The Department of Business Administration of the University of Piraeus aims to offer students professional experience in addition to a strong theoretical foundation. To this end, students have the opportunity to opt for a Student Internship in place of two of their free electives (3+3 ECTS), in a programme that was established as part of the undergraduate curriculum over 15 years ago.

The Student Internship allows third- and fourth-year students to undertake a placement as part of their studies in order to gain work experience.

Only students who are funded by National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) are eligible for the Student Internship. Priority is given to students in the eighth semester and, depending on availability, to students in the sixth semester. If the applications from students in the eighth and sixth semester outnumber the places offered by NSRF, students will be selected in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. number of courses in which students have been successfully examined, up to and including the September examination session of the preceding academic year (accounting for 70% of the total score);
  2. foreign language proficiency (accounting for 10% of the total score); and
  3. average grade, up to and including the September examination session of the preceding academic year (accounting for 20% of the total score).

Students are ranked according to their total scores and a list of successful and reserve candidates is drawn up. Students have the right to raise an objection within three days of publication of the results. After three days the results are finalized and the list of participants is approved by the General Assembly of the Department and published, taking data protection into account.

Student internships take place in July and August at host organizations which are partners of the University of Piraeus. If a student who has been accepted for the internship programme opts to work for an employer of his/her choice, he/she is required to notify the faculty member in charge of the internship programme. On receiving approval, the student is subsequently required to forward the partnership proposal to the employer.

The Student Internship is funded by NSRF. As a result, students and host organizations are required to register (within the specified deadlines) with both ATLAS, the centralized internship support system, and E-Praktiki, the internship information system. Host organizations post internships and the Internship Office of the Department of Business Administration matches students to the available positions.

On completion of a minimum of two months’ employment, students submit to the Department’s Internship Office a record of attendance and an evaluation form which has been completed and signed by their immediate supervisor or the person responsible for the internship programme at the host organization. The faculty member in charge of internships subsequently uses these documents to enter the student’s grade for the internship. Students may only undertake one internship during the course of their studies. Students select the Student Internship as an elective in the spring semester of the academic year in which the internship will take place.

The Student Internship is part of the NSRF 2014–2020 operational programme ‘Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning’ and is co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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