In light of the overall goal of the Department, the curriculum aims to:

  •  provide knowledge of the principles, theories, and problems in the management of economic units, within the context of a broader university education;
  •  introduce the methods and techniques that are used in order to make correct management decisions;
  •  teach the art of effective human resource management for the achievement of business goals;
  •  train students in the methodology of academic study, research, and analysis of complex management problems;
  •  highlight the social dimension of each management issue and decision; and
  •  prepare students who intend to pursue postgraduate study in Greece or abroad.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year programme. Each year is divided into two academic semesters: fall and spring. There are eight semesters in total.

The course comprises 36 core courses and approximately 49 electives, from which students are required to select 10. A foreign language course (English) is also compulsory and is completed in the first four semesters.

Students are required to complete a total of fifty (50) courses in order to graduate (36 compulsory courses [C], 4 foreign language courses [FL], and 10 electives [E]). Students are required to complete the English course; however, the grade for this course does not count towards the final degree grade.

Students are eligible to graduate when they have successfully completed the required and elective courses specified by the curriculum and have earned a total of 240 credits (ECTS).

Electives from the curriculum may be taken from the fifth semester. In order to complete their programme of study, students must be examined in:

  •  Three (3) core options
  •  From the three (3) concentrations:
    •  Management and Human Resources
    •  Accounting and Finance
    •  Marketing and Production Management

Students must select four (4) courses from one and only one concentration. In addition, they are required to:

  •  choose three (3) free electives;
  •  attend and successfully complete the course English as a Foreign Language in the first four (4) semesters.
  •  During their studies they may choose a maximum of two (2) RESEARCH PROJECT electives (one [1] in the winter semester and one [1] in the spring semester), which may replace a course from either the student’s chosen concentration or the student’s free electives.

It should be noted that the module IT Applications II requires students to complete 40 hours of compulsory workshops. These workshops are graded. If a student earns a passing grade for the workshop component, this grade is added to the overall grade earned for the module. A grade for IT Applications II cannot be assigned if the 40 hours have not been completed.

Students may improve their grade (reassessment) in the following ways:

  •  Students in the fifth or sixth semester may resit two (2) required courses from the previous four or five semesters.
  •  Students in the seventh or eighth semester may resit a total of six (6) courses (required and elective) if they have not previously exercised their right to resit examinations.
  •  Students may resit examinations for prerequisite and elective courses in all examination sessions.