One of the key objectives of the department is to discover new knowledge through research to ensure that teaching is continually updated and strengthened.

Within a rapidly changing world, new knowledge that results from sustained research efforts and research activity is essential. To this end, the Department of Business Administration welcomes doctoral candidates in all areas associated with the fields of study of the department.

Research at the univervity is driven by academic freedom and is conducted in accordance with the conscience of each faculty member and academic research ethics. The completion of a doctoral thesis is a process that entails a multifaceted interpersonal relationship between the doctoral candidate and supervisor. For this reason, the mutual consensus of both is essential for a fruitful collaboration of this kind.

A doctoral thesis is characterized by a high level of originality, recognized by the international academic community. The aim of the Department’s doctoral programme is to produce high-calibre research and to offer comprhensive training to new researchers.

Doctoral theses are completed in line with current legislation.