Presentations format

PowerPoint (PC/Mac)

Please note that if there are movie clips included in the presentation file, then the original movie files must also be supplied as separate files.

If you wish you can use EMAC 2023 Regional template.


Speaker Presentations

Please note that presentations should ONLY be uploaded on the day of your presentation. All presentations will be cleared from all computers at the end of each day therefore please ensure you only upload your presentation on the day of your allocated presentation time.

Please note there is no centralized speaker preparation room. Presentations should be checked into your allocated presentation room only. Please refer to the Final Programme available on the conference website for full details of all sessions. Technical staff will be on-hand to assist you in all meeting rooms. Presenters should not provide their own laptop as presentations will be loaded onto the main session room computer. It is recommended that you bring your presentation on a USB memory stick and if possible, also carry a back-up USB version incase one file is corrupted.

NOTE If there are movie clips included in your presentation you must bring the original movie files as well as the PowerPoint file, otherwise your movie clips may not run


Presentation Timing

Presenters are asked to make their way to the room in which they are presenting a minimum of ten minutes prior to the start of the session to allow them to meet the chair of the session. The chair will remind the presenter of their timings before the start of the session. All Oral Presenters have 15 minutes for their presentation, with 2-3 minutes immediately after their presentation, to take questions from the audience.


Keeping to Time

The programme contains a high number of presentations and it is therefore imperative that the sessions start and finish on time. Please ensure you keep within your allocated presentation time otherwise the Chair will ask you to conclude.


Audio Visual Support During Presentations

There will be technicians/volunteers in the room should any problems occur with the audio-visual equipment. Please seek their support if you require this at any time during your presentation.



Please note that some sessions may be photographed for further EMAC promotional use.