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3 / - / - / -
6th or 8th
DEODE07 - Management
Instruction & Examination Language
Available for Erasmus Students
Course Category
Course Type
Scientific Expertise
ECTS Credits
Ε. Didaskalou
Course Objectives - Contents
  • Organization of transport companies
  • Transport market (road, rail, air, river and maritime transport)
  • Key features of the transport and shipping sectors
  • Demand and supply of transport and shipping services and their determinants
  • Price, income, and supply elasticity, cross-elasticity in transport and shipping
  • Cost of transport services, depreciation costs, analysis of social costs
  • Pricing, price differentiation, marginal cost, pricing methodology
  • Transport subsidies, internalization of external costs
  • Investment in the transport sector
  • Methods for assessing investment projects in transport (single-criterion, multi-criteria, cost-benefit analysis, IRR, NPV)
  • Strategic design in transport companies
Learning Results

The aim of the course is to lay the foundations for the analysis and detailed understanding of the organization and operation of transport companies and the transport sector as a whole, so that future managers of transport companies are equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge to manage the company effectively. In particular, the course introduces students to the problems that exist in the transport sector, by acquainting them with basic concepts and all the necessary methodological tools. Analysis of the basic concepts enables students to acquire the theoretical and applied knowledge which is needed to understand the transport sector. Thus, the course focuses on issues relating to the transport sector, for example, demand and supply, elasticity, cost of production, pricing, and investment, all of which have a wider scope and can be applied to other fields.


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