Course Code
Theory / Lab / Tutoring / Exercises Sessions
3 / - / - / -
6th or 8th
Instruction & Examination Language
Available for Erasmus Students
Course Category
Course Type
Scientific Expertise
ECTS Credits
M. Sfakianakis, D. Papakonstantinou
Course Objectives - Contents

Module 1: Principles of systems theory – human activity systems

Module 2: Information systems

Module 3: Information systems development methodologies

Module 4: Healthcare information systems

Module 5: Electronic health record

Module 6: Personal health record

Module 7: Electronic prescription

Module 8: Telemedicine – Tele-education in healthcare facilities

Module 9: Coding of medicines – standards for healthcare information system data

Module 10: Security of healthcare information systems

Module 11: Personal data protection and privacy – HIPAA – EU GDPR

Learning Results

On completion of the course students will be able to:

  •  identify and describe information systems;
  •  understand, explain and analyse healthcare information systems;
  •  identify and classify healthcare information systems and their applications;
  •  identify the functional characteristics and content (procedures, functions, etc) of healthcare information systems;
  •  distinguish and classify the international standards established with regard to the data of healthcare information systems;
  •  assess, examine and describe healthcare information systems in relation to the existing state of affairs in Greece, and European and international trends;
  •  describe and understand e-telematics and telemedicine services; and
  •  understand and recognize the need for data security in healthcare information systems and evaluate and solve typical examples of personal data protection.


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