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5th or 7th
DEMAR04 - Marketing
Instruction & Examination Language
Available for Erasmus Students
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Scientific Expertise
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M. Tsogas
Course Objectives - Contents

This course focuses on the presentation of the most important concepts in advertising and public relations, as individual components of integrated marketing communications. Initially the dominant models and communication strategies are outlined in the context of the establishment of an integrated communications programme. Subsequently, individual advertising strategy decisions are presented; special emphasis is placed on the design of messages and selection of media. The part of the course relating to advertising closes with an examination of the impact of advertising on audiences and methods of checking the effectiveness of advertising. The second part of the course presents introductory concepts in public relations and, in particular, different audiences, prevention and reaction strategies and crisis management issues.

Learning Results

The course comprises a review of current literature, the use of case studies to present good practices, the analysis of numerical examples and exercises. These help students to:

  •  develop knowledge and understanding of traditional and emerging models of marketing communications;
  •  recognise the importance of an integrated marketing communications programme and understand the ways in which this is implemented;
  •  determine the fundamental parameters that must be taken into account when designing an effective advertising strategy;
  •  be aware of the individual dimensions of advertising messages and media, as well as the impact they can have on the audience;
  •  evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in light of the goals it is intended to achieve; and
  •  select the appropriate public relations tactics depending on the target audience and the conditions encountered (prevention, reaction, and crisis management).


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