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5th or 7th
DEMAR04 - Marketing
Instruction & Examination Language
Available for Erasmus Students
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Scientific Expertise
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M. Tsogas
Course Objectives - Contents

This course focuses on the analysis of the most fundamental and characteristic features of services marketing, from both an academic and business perspective. Given the importance of services in all developed economies, lectures cover a wide range of issues which are vital for understanding the most important concepts of services marketing, effective strategy design and the successful implementation of marketing practices.

Learning Results

The course comprises a review of current literature, the use of case studies to present good practices, the analysis of numerical examples and problem solving. In this way students are expected to:

  •  understand the socioeconomic importance of the wider service industry on the national and international level;
  •  identify the characteristic features of services and the way in which these affect strategy design and marketing mix;
  •  recognize the factors that are critical for the effective provision of services and implement improvements or redesign;
  •  evaluate and interpret the results of marketing activities; and
  •  be able to design services and relationship marketing plans and evaluate client base.


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