Course Code
Theory / Lab / Tutoring / Exercises Sessions
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5th or 6th or 7th or 8th
Instruction & Examination Language
Available for Erasmus Students
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Course Category
Course Type
Scientific Expertise
ECTS Credits
Member of the Faculty
Course Objectives - Contents
  • Selection of topic
  • General outline of research project
  • Literature review
  • Presentation of bibliography and references
  • Data collection
  • Write up
Learning Results

The research project is an innovative component in the undergraduate curriculum, which:

  • encourages an exploratory approach to knowledge;
  • stimulates thought, creativity and initiative;
  • promotes an interdisciplinary approach and enhances interest in individual courses;
  • develops reflection, critical and self-critical though and personal responsibility;
  • offers practice in:
    • academic thinking;
    • research methodology;
    • writing academic texts;
    • searching bibliographic sources;
    • data analysis; and
    • formulating critical opinions.

On completion of the research projects students will be able to:

  • identify and focus on an important topic in one of the fields of the undergraduate curriculum;
  • systematically collect recent and relevant information using primary and secondary sources;
  • analyse, interpret and communicate the information collected;
  • draw conclusions and make proposals; and
  • write and present an academic text.


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