Course Code
Theory / Lab / Tutoring / Exercises Sessions
3 / - / - / -
5th or 7th
Instruction & Examination Language
Available for Erasmus Students
Course Category
Course Type
General Knowledge
ECTS Credits
F. Asderaki
Course Objectives - Contents


  1. The Europe of Knowledge
  2. Area of Education and Training
  3. Workshop: Erasmus Mundus
  4. The European Higher Education Area
  5. Seminar: the Erasmus programme
  6. Seminar: Erasmus for young entrepreneurs
  7. The Europe of volunteering
  8. Erasmus Mundus programmes
  9. The European Research Area
  10. Programmes and portals for researchers, Ηorizon 2020, Marie Curie
  11. The Europe of innovation
  12. Start-ups/youth entrepreneurship
  13. Education 2030. The global citizen
Learning Results

On successful completion of the course students will have an understanding, awareness and detailed knowledge of the governance, priorities, and objectives of EU education, training, research and innovation policies, as well as their implementation.

The course examines European policies on education, training, higher education, research, and innovation. Students learn about the formulation of these policies, their institutional framework and the European tools for the development of cooperation between member states. Special emphasis is placed on the European Higher Education Area, the European Research Area and European programmes. Students will also become familiar with the various EU websites for the internationalization of study and research, scholarships, employment opportunities, and research and volunteering programmes.

Learning objectives

On completion of this course students will be familiar with the formulation of policy in the areas of education, research, and innovation on the European level, and also with the European integration process. They will gain an understanding of the role of the main players and compare implementation in member states. At the same time they will learn to carry out research using primary, secondary and internet sources and make value judgements.


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