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5th or 7th
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Scientific Expertise
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A. Sinanioti
Course Objectives - Contents

Firstly, the course is dealing with Greek Competition Law (Law 3959/2011). More specifically the following topics are examined: Αnti-competitive agreements and prohibited cartels, the abuse of a dominant position and the mergers and acquisitions control. Moreover the role of the Hellenic Competition Commission: is examined.

Secondly, Unfair Competition Law (Law 146/14) is studied. It focuses mainly on: Τhe paramount clause (Art. 1 of Law 146) as well as on specific prohibitions, i.e.:  Unfair and misleading advertising, defamation of competitors, unlawful use of distinctive marks, infringement of business secrets and unfair commercial practices (Art 9a Law 2251/94 et seq. as in force).

Learning Results

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of law of market structure and of unfair competition law;
  • Comprehend the meaning of economic competition and its significance for economic development and growth; 
  • Grasp that competitive markets are central to investment, efficiency, innovation, and growth;
  • Understand the interplay between competition law and economics;
  • Understand the rationale behind the adoption of regimes designed to protect competition;
  • Have knowledge of the qualitative (lawful) boundaries under which an enterprise should conduct business with its competitors; and
  • Be aware of the extremely strict legal consequences of the infringement of existing regulations.


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