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5th or 7th
DELOG01-2 Financial Accounting I
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Available for Erasmus Students
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Scientific Expertise
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V. Zisis
Course Objectives - Contents

This course aims to provide students with a more thorough understanding of International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which were not covered in detail in previous courses. This course examines subjects relating to the Conceptual Framework, IAS 1, IAS 8, IAS 16 (plus impairment of fixed assets), IFRS 16, IAS 23, IAS 33, IAS 40 and IFRS 5. Therefore, the main focus is the theoretical underpinnings discussed in the conceptual framework adopted by the IFRS foundation, the presentation of financial statements and the calculation of earnings per share, the deepening of the understanding of liabilities by focusing on issues related to leasing and the capitalization of cost of capital, special issues related to non-current assets including investment property and non-current assets held for sale, and the accounting treatment of accounting errors, changes in accounting estimates and changes in the adoption of accounting policies.

Learning Results

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. comprehend the Conceptual Framework adopted by the IFRS Foundation and the process of adoption of accounting standards;
  2. fully understand accounting methodologies and accounting practices based on IFRS and post relevant accounting entries and adjust entries in accounting books;
  3. analyse and be aware of the effect on accounting information of accounting practices based on the IFRS reporting framework or other reporting frameworks that differ from accounting practices adopted by local GAAP;
  4. recognize fundamental differences in the structure, presentation, and measurement of accounts between financial statements prepared under different reporting frameworks; and
  5. understand and analyse information presented in financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS.


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