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Business Policy & Strategy is concerned with the management of an organization: the formulation and implementation of corporate, business and functional strategies through an organization’s structure and processes.  The course consists of the following modules: 1. Strategic analysis of the environment, industry, competition, stakeholders and pressure groups, and corporate capability. 2. Strategic decisions, which focuses on the company’s ability to identify the opportunities and threats inherent in environmental changes and to develop strategies to deal with these changes.  3. Strategic action, which examines the implementation of a strategy in light of the organization’s capabilities and values.

Learning Results

Business Policy and Strategy is a challenging and exciting course, which will allow a student to function as the owner or Chief Executive Officer of various organizations. The student’s major task in this course will be to make strategic decisions and to justify those decisions through oral and written communication. The student can look forward to making strategic decisions both as an individual and as a member of a team. Everyone in this course will have the opportunity to make actual strategic decisions, perhaps for the first time in his/her academic career. As the course introduces topics and describes concepts, frameworks, and models, students are encouraged to ask how they would respond to various business issues and problems. The course is practitioner oriented and applications oriented. It presents strategic management concepts which will enable the student to formulate, implement and evaluate strategies in all kinds of profit and nonprofit organizations.


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