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DEMAR04 - Marketing
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Scientific Expertise
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M. Tsogas, A. Kouremenos (Emeritus Professor)
Course Objectives - Contents

This course focuses on the most scientific branch of marketing, examining marketing research as a basic area of decision making in business administration. It describes how marketing management problems can be converted into a need for information and examines suitable methods for collecting this information. Different ways of collecting primary data are presented, namely, personal or telephone interviews, postal questionnaires and modern methods, for example, research via the internet or mobile device. Different approaches for sampling of consumers and businesses are analysed. Finally, basic primary data analysis methods are presented; emphasis is placed on the distinctive features of each method for supporting specific decisions, for example, the development of new products using conjoint measurements.

Learning Results

On successful completion of this essential course in the Business Administration curriculum students will be able to:

  • grasp fully the meaning and significance of marketing research for a business;
  • distinguish between the different types of research and the scope of market research;
  • have knowledge of the marketing research planning process and the various marketing data analysis tools; and
  • understand the role of research in the design of a marketing plan and the associated strategy.


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