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DEMAR04 - Marketing
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Available for Erasmus Students
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Scientific Expertise
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Course Objectives - Contents

This course provides an introduction to consumer behaviour, which is primarily a field of marketing but also of behavioural psychology. It analyses the basic model of purchase decision making and behaviour, as well as other versions, which depend on the extent of consumer engagement.

The course presents psychological motives of consumers and the dimensions of their personality as fundamental factors in decision making. Moreover, the impact of consumer culture, the demographic profiles of consumers and the individual’s perception of reality on buying behaviour are analysed.

The course ends with a discussion of key consumer behaviours, including acceptance of innovation, consumer loyalty, post-purchase behaviour, development procedures and complaint management.

Learning Results

On successful completion of this essential course in the Business Administration curriculum students will be able to:

  • fully grasp the meaning and content of Consumer Behaviour as a fundamental variable in the marketing function;
  • distinguish between the different forms of consumer decisions and the relative level of consumer engagement in decision making;
  • have knowledge of the way in which consumer attitudes, opinions, and preferences are shaped and changed;
  • understand the role of culture in buying behaviour; and
  • recognize the stages in the acceptance of an innovation and the actions of consumers following the purchase.


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