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V. Zisis
Course Objectives - Contents

The course relies heavily on concepts developed in the course Financial Accounting I and focuses on advanced issues of financial accounting. Specifically, this course provides comprehensive coverage of the accounting for fixed assets (depreciation methods, impairment, special issues in fixed assets acquisition, repair and maintenance expenses etc), inventory (periodical and perpetual method and inventory valuation methods), receivables, financial assets, liabilities and provisions, and foreign exchange, as well as special issues in the recognition of revenues (percentage of completion method). Moreover, the course focuses on the usefulness and preparation of the cash flow statement and the statement of retained earnings.

Learning Results

This course in advanced financial accounting teaches students the empirical application of various accounting practices and offers them an understanding of the information that accounting numbers convey.

On successful completion of the course students will:

  1. analyse alternative accounting practices relating to the valuation and recognition of various accounting items;
  2. understand accounting alternatives, enhancing their ability to analyse financial statements and critically evaluate accounting numbers and alternative methodologies.


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