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Theory / Lab / Tutoring / Exercises Sessions
40 hours in total
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Available for Erasmus Students
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Background knowledge
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M. Sfakianakis, P. Maravelakis, D. Papakonstantinou
Course Objectives - Contents

Theory: Concept of informatics, limitations and risks of informatics, evolution of information technology, computer systems organization (binary system, logic gates and circuits, Von Neumann architecture), computer hardware, computer software, creative software packages, computer graphics and multimedia, networks and internet, artificial intelligence.

Workshops: Demonstration of the basic features of Microsoft Windows and of an Internet browser. Processing of simple and complex texts with the use of Microsoft WORD for Windows, so that students are able to create complex documents. Emphasis is given on formatting procedures, tables and organization charts.

Learning Results

The purpose of the course is to teach the basic principles of computing and information systems, as well as to give students a high level of familiarity with the Microsoft Word for Windows text editor for writing demanding and complex texts, the use of Microsoft Windows and internet surfing.

On completion of the course students will be able to:

  • understand the basic concepts of informatics and directly implement processes that cover the entire spectrum of computer science, without needing prior knowledge of the subject;
  • grasp the benefits of information technology;
  • have a high level of familiarity with Windows and internet surfing;
  • have competence in using the Microsoft Word for Windows text editor; and write demanding and complex texts using Word.


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