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A. Sinanioti
Course Objectives - Contents

1.   Introduction to Law: the concept of law, division of Law, sources of Law, rules of Law.

2.   General Principles of Civil Law: a. Legal capacity, b. The Right (concept and distinctions, claim and defendant’s plea, acquisition-change and loss, use and abuse, the protection of Rights). c. The subjects of legal relations (natural and legal persons). d. Legal transactions (meaning, types, requirements of valid transactions, conditions and deadlines, representation and power of attorney).

3.   Law of Obligations (Contract law): a. Introduction. b. Types of Obligations. c. Civil liability.

4.  Consumer Law: a. Introduction: Consumer protection according to Greek and EU law.  b. Unfair Contract Terms.  c. Sale of consumer goods and guarantees. d. Prohibited forms of advertising (unfair commercial practices) and permitted forms of advertising under restrictions (direct, comparative ads).

Learning Results

The purpose of this course is to get student of a no-Law School acquainted with basic concepts of Greek Civil Law, which is the most important part of private law, and, more specifically, the “General Principles”, the “Law Obligations” as well as Consumer Protection Law.

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Civil Law, especially the “General Principles”, and have a good command of contract law, being of course pivotal to all private and business concerns;
  • Identify the subjects of legal relations (namely natural and legal persons) and how they are protected by law;
  • Comprehend the concept of ‘rights’ and their protection;
  • Apprehend the significance of the Contract Law;
  • Be aware of their rights as consumers in accordance with existing legislation; and
  • Have knowledge of the obligations and liabilities of a business to consumers in accordance with existing legislation.


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