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6th or 8th
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Available for Erasmus Students
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Scientific Expertise
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G. Papanastasopoulos
Course Objectives - Contents
  1. Business combinations
  2. Accounting for stock investment according to Greek GAAP and IFRS
  3. Subsidiaries and associates
  4. Introduction to consolidated financial statements
  5. Consolidation techniques and procedures
  6. Goodwill, minority interest, and valuation of associates
  7. Indirect holdings: father–son–grandson – structure and consolidation
  8. Indirect holdings: connecting affiliates – structure and consolidation
  9. Mutual holdings: parent stock held by subsidiary – structure and consolidation
  10. Intercompany transactions: receivables and liabilities, inventories, fixed assets and dividends
Learning Results

This module reflects the importance of business combinations and consolidation in financial accounting and reporting practices.  Expected learning outcomes for students are:

  • to understand the structure of business combinations (eg subsidiary and associate companies), valuation methods of equity & debt securities according to Greek GAAP and IFRS;
  • to acquire detailed knowledge of consolidation techniques and procedures (eg equity and cost method of accounting), as well as important accounting balances (eg goodwill and minority interest);
  • to focus on complex affiliation structures (eg indirect and mutual holdings);
  • to develop in-depth knowledge of intercompany transactions involving receivables, liabilities, inventories, fixed assets, and dividends; and
  • to prepare and analyse consolidated financial statements.


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