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3 / - / - / -
5th or 7th
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Available for Erasmus Students
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Scientific Expertise
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M. Tsogas
Course Objectives - Contents

This course examines the internationalization of marketing science. The course is structured around basic decisions in international marketing and, in particular:

  • Decision to internationalize: willingness and ability of the company to expand outside domestic borders
  • International market selection: criteria for determining the most attractive markets for international expansion, selection methods and underlying expansion strategy (concentration or diversification)
  • Mode of entry: selection of the most attractive and appropriate entry strategy, eg direct or indirect exports, franchise, authorization, investment etc
  • Adaptation or standardization of marketing mix: emphasis on decisions relating to the product and its promotion
Learning Results

On successful completion of this core course of the Business Administration curriculum students will be able to:

  • fully grasp the meaning, diversity and scope of International Marketing in relation to the introductory course in Marketing;
  • identify the different theories of consumer culture and how these affect decision making;
  • understand the strategic need for companies to establish a presence in international markets;
  • have knowledge of the methods and criteria for selecting international markets and mode of entry; and
  • recognize the difference between standardization and adaptation of the marketing mix in international markets.


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