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  Name:  John Sorros
Title:  Professor
  Director of MSc in Accounting & Control in Businesses & Public Sector
  Director of Lab in Accounting and Control
Office:  413 (Main Building)
Phone:  +30 210 414 2116
E-mail:  sorros(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr

Short CV


Associate Professor of Cost Accounting, University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration


  1. 2001 – 2004 Deputy General Manager in AGB Financial Leasing S.A.
  2. 1999 – 2001 Financial and Administrative Manager in OTE Financial Leasing S.A.
  3. 1996 – 1999 Investment Consultant
  4. 1994 - 1999 Financial and Administrative Manager in SYNEL SA a Fertilizer Merchant and Manufactory Company


  • University of Piraeus, PhD in Business Administration
  • Athens University of Economics, Bachelor in Business Administration


Participated in various International Economic Conferences worldwide


Author and Co-Author of 17 articles (13 published in international journals).


  1. English
  2. Greek (native speaker)


  1. Member of Academic of Economics and Finance, USA
  2. Member of the Greek Economic Chamber
  3. Member of the Hellenic Financial and Accounting Association


  1. Cost Analysis I (4th semester)
  2. Cost Analysis II (5th semester)
  3. Managerial Accounting (7th semester)
  4. Audit and Internal Audit (8th semester)



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  2. “Accounting Information and Excess Stock Returns: The Role of the Cost of Capital-New Evidence from U.S. Firm Level Data”, with N.Apergis, G. Artikis, S. Eleftheriou, Applied Financial Economics, Vol. 22 p.p. 321-329, 2012
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  1. Law and Ethics Rules and Production Costs, Hononary Volume of Penelope Agallopoulou, University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration, Athens, 2011
  2. Idle Cost and Full Disclosure Principle, Hononary Volume of Sotiris Karvounis, University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration, Piraeus, 2011


  1. Managerial Accounting, with C. Kazantzis, Business Plus S.A., Piraeus, 2012 (forthcoming)
  2. Cost Accounting Principles, with C. Kazantzis, Business Plus S.A., Piraeus, 2009
  3. Problems and Solutions in Financial Accounting, with C. Kazantzis, Business Plus S.A., Piraeus, 2005
  4. Problems and Solutions in Cost Accounting, with C. Kazantzis, Business Plus S.A., Piraeus, 2006

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