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  Name:  Panayiotis Artikis
Title:  Associate Professor
Office:  411 (Main Building)
Phone:  +30 210 414 2200
E-mail:  partikis(-at-)unipi(-dot-)gr

Short CV

Panayiotis G. Artikis is an Associate Professor at the University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration. He has obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Economic University of Athens, an MBA in International Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham, and his PhD in Finance from the University of Bradford.

Dr Artikis’ research, professional and teaching interests are in the areas of corporate finance, portfolio management, performance evaluation, risk management, asset pricing, financial modeling and wealth creation. He has published several papers in international refereed journals, edited volumes and conferences. His work has appeared in journals such as Applied Financial Economics Letters, Risk Management Journal, The Journal of Risk Finance, Journal of International Business and Economy, European Research Studies and Journal of Managerial Finance. He is member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Economic Research.

Dr Artikis is the author of two books in the area of valuation, risk management and portfolio management. He has over ten years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as in executive seminars and he has supervised several MBA dissertations and PhD theses. Furthermore, Dr Artikis has received several teaching excellence awards from the Executive MBA program of the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is a Member of the Greek Economic Chamber and the Hellenic Accounting and Finance Association.

Prior to his academic career Dr Artikis worked for over ten years as a Fund Manager, specializing in equities, at two Mutual Fund Management Companies based in Athens. He was award the professional qualification of “Portfolio Manager” from the Hellenic Capital and Markets Committee.


  1. Fixed Income Securities (5th semester)
  2. Portfolio Management (6th semester)
  3. Risk Management (8th semester)


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  1. Artikis P. «Portfolio Management», Interbooks, Athens, 2011.
  2. Artikis P. «Risk Management and Valuation», Interbooks, Athens, 2010.

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