Application Requirements

With reference to the Law 2083/92 for Hellenic Higher Education and the Department's Internal Regulation for Doctoral Studies (G.A. 12/04/2005), potential PhD Candidates must submit to the Department of Business Administration Secretariat the following documents:
1. PhD Application.
2. Biographical Note (C.V.).
3. Bachelor and master`s degrees from Hellenic Universities (AEI) or recognized foreign universities, as well as transcript of records referring to undergraduate and postgraduate studies of the applicant.
4. Copies of theses or / and any other research / scientific paper.
5. At least 2 reference letters by members of academic staff providing information on candidate`s studies and abilities to follow doctoral studies.
6. A research proposal in which the reasons for the selection of a specific subject, objectives, methodology and bibliographical references are clearly stated.
7. An acceptance letter by a member of the academic staff (Assistant Professor or higher rank) that will undertake the supervision of the PhD Thesis.


PhD Candidates

  • Should hold a bachelor`s and a master`s degree from Hellenic Universities (AEI) or any other officially recognized foreign university. At least one of the degrees should be on Business Administration. In any other case, candidates are obliged to attend specific undergraduate or / and postgraduate courses.
  • Should have proficient knowledge of the English language. The knowledge of any other European language is an additional qualification for the applicant. Foreign PhD Candidates should have proficient knowledge of Hellenic language as well.
  • Apart from elaborating their PhD Thesis, they should engage in research and academic activities under the instructions of the supervising Professor and participate in supervising departmental examinations.


Duration of Doctoral Studies
The PhD Thesis can be completed after at least 3 years from the date the PhD subject was specified by the PhD Advisory Committee.