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Welcome to the Department of Business Administration's website, University of Piraeus, one of the oldest and greatest academic departments in Greece offering national and international recognition. The curriculum of this department is addressed to students who wish to be distinguished as senior and top executives in the private and public sector, while the graduates play an important role in the country’s wider economic, social and political life.

The Department of Business Administration has a carefully designed curriculum which offers a wide range of knowledge (Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Quantitative Methods, Law, New Technologies, etc.) aiming at the intergrated  education and training of future leaders in the private and public sector. Particular emphasis is given on familiarizing students with New Technologies through courses that include also a laboratory part. Α typical example, is the two courses of Computer Applications that involve compulsory attendance of 40 hours each. The combination of a dynamic and innovative curriculum that takes advantage of the latest technologies, with the experienced and reputable professors of the Department, creates a fertile ground for the effective dissemination of knowledge and the development of the necessary skills for future professional recognition of the Department's students.

Moreover, the Department promotes the advancement of the research through the development of distinguished post-graduate and doctoral programs, thus contributing both in creating future scientists and strengthening the research effort of all members of the academic community. Our mission, besides the development of cognitive and administrative skills, is to cultivate and develop organizational, consulting, communicational and social forms of behavior that will create executives not only able to play a key role in organizations, but also to open  new prospects of forming and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

The Website of the Business Administration Department entails significant information for both current and future students of the Department. In particular, detailed information is included about the Undergraduate Program, the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, detailed curriculum vitae of the Teaching and Research staff, as well as other useful and interesting information. For specific questions, you are kindly requested to contact the corresponding secretariats and administrative staff of the department, who contribute to a smooth daily operation of the Department. 

Concluding, I would like to communicate to you our timeless vision: the creation of a fruitful area of leaders who are not content with operating in a standard way but by being adaptive to a dynamic environment, they will be able to face every difficulty as a new challenge. By changing the future, leading our world to the progress and setting internal incentives and cultivating high sense of purpose regarding not only the success, but above all, the human value.

Professor Michael Sfakianakis

The Head of Department