The aim of the Department is to provide a theoretical and practical education in business administration in the private and public sector. In view of this objective, the curriculum is based on a system that combines knowledge and methods, enabling students to develop academically, become familiar with the world of business, and expand their professional horizons. The programme includes a large number of courses in Accounting and Finance, Production Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Technology Management and other fields.

The Department adopts a flexible approach in light of the rapidly changing economic and technological environment and ensures that it adapts in order to produce managers who are capable of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

The curriculum is designed for students who wish to become senior managers in businesses and organizations.

The vision of the Department of Business Administration is to establish itself as one of the leading and internationally-recognized departments of business administration, and to be at the forefront of business education in Greece, producing managers with a high level of training, innovative thinking, and business intelligence.

The mission of the Department of Business Administration is to:

  1. promote excellence in education and to make the best use of knowledge in order to produce management graduates with values;
  2. engage in and support research which can meet contemporary economic, social, and business challenges and foster innovation in business administration;
  3. produce graduates who are capable of recognizing the challenges in the business environment and can contribute to entrepreneurial progress;
  4. develop managers with organizational, consulting, communication, and interpersonal skills, who are able to become mid-level and senior managers in businesses and organizations in the private and public sector;
  5. shape the leaders of the future, who are able to play a vital role in economic and social life at the national and international level;
  6. encourage professional specialization and training through brief, flexible lifelong learning education and training programmes (on either an attendance or distance learning basis); and
  7. cultivate an outward-looking approach and collaboration with academic, research, social, and other institutions to advance entrepreneurship and benefit society.

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“The Department of Business Administration of the University of Piraeus recognizes quality as the principle means of achieving high standards in education and research. The Department’s quality culture is shown by the commitment of its academic, research and administrative staff, as well as its students, to this goal. The members of the Department work and collaborate in accordance with the values and objectives of the Department, embrace its vision and mission, adopt common policies and practices, and participate in continuous improvement processes.”

Department of Business Administration Declaration of Quality

The Department of Business Administration is committed to ensuring quality in all its academic, educational, and research activities, offering up-to-date and competitive programmes of study, focusing on innovation, and using applied research to its advantage. Moreover, the Department is aware of the importance of quality as a means of promoting equal access to knowledge, an outward-looking approach, international recognition, and collaboration with industry.

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